About Us

Safety Matters at TC Mobile in Alberta

TC Mobile first began operations in 2004 and has expanded from 2 mobile units to a fleet of 11 fully mobile units. We make sure our crews stay with their units, which gives them a familiarity with the workings, meaning you are guaranteed consistency and accountability.

Our mobile rigs can go wherever necessary – we have clients throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“There is nothing more important to me than ensuring the safety of our employees, the people we work for and the environments we work in.”

– Trevor Bigelow, TC Mobile President

At TC Mobile, our goal is to exceed your expectations, and we do that through:

Rigorous employee orientation and training that ensures competent,  safe, knowledgeable employees who are compliant with industry recommended practices and legislation and follow safe work practices and procedures.

Ongoing safety instruction and drills.

Practices and procedures that exceed industry guidelines.

Crews that stay with the same rigs—by avoiding the use of “floaters,” we are able to achieve the highest levels of safety, reliability and accountability.

Membership in ISNetworld and ComplyWork.

A Certificate of Recognition (COR) through Enform.